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I let the car sit for a few months and when I started driving it again it started sputtering once in a while sometimes when at idle bad enough to cut off. I have spent a couple hours searching the forums for a solution before posting.

The first code it threw was for the EGR valve so I replaced it, than it threw a code for misfire so I cleaned the throttle body and MAF since they where dirty and cleared the codes to see what would happen. It still had the same symptoms though it idled smoother. So here are the codes it threw after that. P0102, P0300. I than tested the MAF and found it to be bad so I replaced it, it drove beautifully for 20 minutes without stumbling than codes came up again when I ran a scan (my check engine light bulb is burned out) O2 banks 1 and 2 lean, powertrain lean. No more stumbling, no more MAF codes.

I did a PCV modification to the car to during this time but I essentially reversed it during all this troubleshooting for diagnostic purposes. I have a fitting coming out of both valve covers for two vent lines to run to a remote catch can to a breather. I have posted a picture of how I reversed the PCV modification I wasn't finished with by removing the vent lines and putting sealing bolts on the fittings on the valve covers. I actually didn't get to blocking off the pcv hole in the throttle plate yet because the car started having all these problems. So essentially it should be a car running without pcv modification right now for troubleshooting purposes.

What I haven't done yet, checked fuel pressure (I need to rent a gauge), changed spark plugs but it was running fine before I let it sit for a couple of months, changed the fuel filter which I am about to do.

I drove the car around the block before starting the PCV modification it ran fine without sputtering but I didn't drive it far. I didn't know the cel bulb was burned out so I didn't think to scan for codes first, it was running fine before and it seemed to be running fine when I started.


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