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Audio Issue

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Hello everyone...

I have a 98 Formula and it has an after market audio system. The head unit is a Pioneer, it's fairly new, with bluetooth and lots of goodies.

I have Polk 6.5" component speakers (100 WATTS RMS) up the front in the doors and the same will be coming into the back (middle of the car) soon, I'll be putting the woofers in the middle then putting the tweeters up the back.

At the moment, I have a big issue with higher volume music. With the t-tops off, on a highway, I need the volume up. The music I listen to in normally powerful rock music, but I like a bit of everything.

When the volume is up, I get distortion - especially with the bass. I've spent a lot of time trying to tune it. The only way I can reduce the distortion in the bass is to reduce the SLA (sound level adjustment), but this means less volume.

I have been told various things in order to resolve the issue... one person suggested using an amp, the other person said I can achieve the same solution by using a head unit that puts out more voltage power.

The general consensus is that there is not enough power to work these speakers off the head unit I have right now.

What's your opinion?
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SeaDog is correct in what he said. To put it into even simpler terms, to double the volume, you need 10 times the power.

Head units have high distortion for starters. Pro Audio NEVER uses the decks amp, always external. To properly drive any speaker, it needs amplified by its function. No one speaker can produce ALL FREQUENCIES at once, that is exactly why we use a crossover to separate the frequencies. Remember, all a speaker does is VIBRATE air. Imagine trying to produce the sound of a high-hat at 16,000Hz (vibrations per second) a voice (between 250Hz and 2,000Hz) a kick drum in the 200Hz range, and a bassline somewhere around 80Hz. ...all at the same exact second. It simply cant be done. that is where the distortion comes from and how coils get burnt.

Highs to the tweeters, mids to the midrange, midbass to woofers, low frequency bass to the subwoofers.

If your head unit has a subwoofer output, USE IT! Activate the RCA output in settings, set the frequency to 100Hz or lower, plug an amp into it, and add a sub in the trunk. Set your midrange frequencies in settings to be ABOVE 100Hz and lower the bass setting on the deck to below half (about 25%). Just taking the low frequyency bass out of the signal goes a long way.

I'm currently using a $125 Kenwood Excelon head unit, an old $150 250w MTX Thunder amp and 2 cheap ass aluminum cone vvofenhag 12" subs. Midrange and highs are coming out of my factory speakers in the door and trunk driven by the head unit at 75w/ea. Bass below 100Hz from the subs in the trunk, sounds great. Some tracks, I cant pull enough bass out of the system, most tracks are happy with my preferred setting, and for classic rock suuch as Zepp Floyd, or Sabbath, I have to go from 25% bass to 75%. ...but I listen ti it all, Rat Pack, Classic Rock, Rock, Drum and Bass, Jungle, Dubstep, Trap, Rap, and Jazz.

Look into your head unit and see if it has a sub-out. if not, you'll need an amp with a low-pass filter and a subwoofer.

...the features on the head unit will dictate which way to go. The whole point of the exercise is to get the low frequencies away from all the components and onto a proper driver..
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...a better location would have been the kick panels, or up in the dash under the steering wheel and behind the glove box.

The doors get a lot of elemental exposure, experence rapid thermal cycles, and crazy vibration/shock compared to the interior.

It (the components crossover) isn't going to die anytime soon, but, it isn't going to have a lengthy life span either in that environment.
Something that small can easily fit in the little cubbie hole on the left side of the trunk. Or, when you get a subwoofer, mounted on that side of the box. As long as it can breathe, it's OK.

At one point, I had created a board that mounted in the spare tire well and mounted 2 amps and a crossover there. ...but as I said about the doors, not a very hospitable environment. Best kept inside.
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