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Anyone Done a TV Kickdown Cable?

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Well, I'm getting closer and closer to finishing my Formula 350 resurrection. What once was a large lawn ornament is now a running, driving machine!!! But, there's still a few "minor" details to finish up. Hence my question: The tip of my kickdown cable doesn't want to stay attached to the throttle assembly and I don't want to drive it this way!!! Is there anyone who has replaced one of these and knows how to properly adjust it??? The manual doesn't give me a great description. Also, how about the Speedometer cable? Is it too bad? I'm also replacing the accelerator cable (easy). Once these items are done, she'll be ready to drive in Spring!

Once my Firebird is done, then I move on to an 88 Camaro T-Top. It was given to me; so I won't complain.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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