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Advice needed

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Hello everyone,

I first want to thank you all for all the posts and advice I found on this website these past few months. It has been very helpful to maintain my 1998 firebird.


But now, I need your advice again!

I am moving to NJ next month. Of course, a firebird is not the ideal car there, but it could work fine...

I am doing the 100K miles service, and I need to replace some parts (filters, manual transmission fluid...)

On top of that, we found several leaks, such as

-Power steering


-Rear differential

+ O2 sensor to change (OBD code P0135).

There is around $1.100 of maintenance, + potential other issues I could have in the next months.

Given the age of the car, I am considering to sell it. What do you think? could it be possible to fix everything and keep it safely a few more months/years?


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I hate to say this because it sounds like I'm disrespecting your Firebird, but, SELL IT ON! V6 'birds are a dime a dozen and unless your mileage is very low and the body work, paint, interior, carpet, dash, door gaps, etc are in pristine condition, I doubt resale value will be higher than what you have into it + what you need to put into it., that being said, I'm somebody who just put $4,000 into a $1,500 Trans Am which is now worth only (about) $1,800. I love my T/A and for that reason I'm not bothered. I expect to see my car bio-degrade around me.

If you like the Firebird and it is otherwise in excellent shape, repair it. If it is simply "good" condition, or worse, part with it. Plenty of old men bought V6 birds, garaged them, took excellent care of them, and those Firebirds are only worth a couple hundred dollars more than yours.

You need to decide, what is it worth TO YOU. one can advise you what to do but yourself. This isn't a "my battery isn't charging, what should I do?" type question.

Good luck, whatever YOU decide is the right choice.
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Thanks ZumpTA!

I totally agree, it is a car I love, which is make a rationnal decision very difficult to make.

But I kept it! I fixed everything and is waiting to test this baby on the snow! ;-)

The car itself is in very good condition with minor scratches. It should run for 100K more!

have a nice day

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