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Hey guys I was taking things apart to get to the heater core and take that out, since I have to replace it. In the process, to get wires out of the way I tried to unplug this two-prong switch thingy before unbolting it from the A/C evap box, but one contact broke off. Just wondering if anyone knows the technical name for this part:


All I can seem find is GM or AC-Delco #483326 or 3917539, not 100% sure this is accurate since they were for an Oldsmobile.

Looks like something that maybe isn't made anymore and neither Rockauto nor NPD sells it. The only one or two new parts I can find are on eBay for like $120-150. This guy claims to have refurbished ones for only $55:

Crazy prices for a simple switch, but if anyone can find the part name I could search for it differently.

Or, if anyone happens to have a spare one on a junker or parts car they don't need (and can get it off without breaking it), hit me up, thanks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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