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98 PCM

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Anyone have any good suggestions for a reliable source for a replacement PCM for 98 WS6? Or would it be better to send mine in to someone for a complete reprogram/update? Also why cant the PCM be reprogrammed while still in my car? (or can it) TIA
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Do you need a ”replacement“ because the current PCM is damaged/inoperative?

Or are you looking for one with a upgraded or custom tune? If it's the tune, your existing PCM can be programmed while in the car, or by a mail-order tuner. Is the engine stock or modified?
You have non-stock injectors? And what is the extent of “the obvious that I've changed”? Are those performance upgrades?

Have you done a compression test?

PCM failures are extremely rare.
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We’re you getting a fault code for #7 injector?

Were you able to used a code scanner with GM “enhanced parameters”? Is that how you accessed the misfire count for #7?

Not sure why I'm asking these questions since you've already made up your mind it's probably the PCM.
P0307 indicates a misfire on #7, doesn’t indicate the cause.

Random misfire due to compression - faulty lifter, sticky valve
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