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Hi There
I'm new to owning a 95 TA.
Just picked up our car yesterday.
I'm looking for a GM Service Manual for our car.
I've searched but only come up with a Camaro/Firebird manuals.
Do these manuals cover the TA models and is there a difference between US manual and Canadian manuals other the metric stuff???

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There is just the one original GM/Helms service manual. It is for Camaro/Firebird, has a green and white cover, and is in two volumes. I would check out the CD versions for about $30 online. Paper manuals will run about $100 used and $200 new. It covers all models, including the T/A.
We have a link to a free download of the 94 service manual set here on FBN in the 4th gen tech articles section. It is the same as 95 for many areas, but not all.
There are some sections that reference export versions, so I am guessing there is no different version for Canadian cars. P.S... many Firebirds were made in Canada anyway ;-)

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Rob/Shoebox has a large amount of info specific to the 95 F-Body (he has a 95 Camaro Z28). Lot's of photos of various components, wiring diagrams, service manual schematics and "how to" writeups. Definitely the best LT1 reference on the internet:

The 95 and 94 models are very similar, but there are differences - 95 rearranged the fuses a bit, went to the "Vented" Optispark distributor, and has the dreaded 16-pin OBD-II style ALDL connector with an OBD-I PCM. Shoeobx shows you how to get around that last problem.
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