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95 firebird suspension

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Hey everyone,

Im new here and i just picked up a 1995 firebird, its a v6 with a 5 speed tranny. I have been looking into suspension for it. I hope to be able to run some good times on a road race course. I have looked into a lot of companies, here what i have so far.

Hotchkis for the sway bars, springs, rear control arms, and panhard bar. For the front upper and lower control arms i have been looking at bmr and umi. shocks i think im going with blistien, or maybe Kybs. My big question to you all, is this, how do you feel about energy suspension bushings? They seem to be cheaper than polythane, but are they as good? I havent heard much about them. Also who has had experince with BMR or UMI? Is there much of a differance? BMR again seems to be cheaper. I want the car to do well on the road course but still be comfortable for road use. I know I will sacrafice comfortablity for speed. I also hope to do a 5.3 lm7 swap on it later down the road. Any help will be great. Thank you in advance.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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