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94 Firebird, flooding out

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94 Firebird, 3.4 litre engine, 163K. Ran fine, had small oil leak at filler neck. Replaced grommet, washed motor, now will only start when stone cold. If I try to start after running it, even for a short time, it is flooding out and will only start if I hold the pedal to the floor. Then it runs rich and finally will smooth out. Tested ignition module, thinking I got it wet and cracked, tests good repeatedly. Replaced coil packs, no difference. Definitely not spark related.Thoughts? Good car, want to fix...Thanks gang!
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Check the pcm and it's connectors. Having washed the motor, you could have got some water in the connectors. This would cause all sorts of erratic behavior.
Check the coolant temp sensor that feeds the PCM. Use GaryDoug's Scan9495 software (also a V6 version) to verify if the PCM has stored any codes and is receiving accurate input from the coolant temp sensor.
Good chance you disturbed the connector at the ECT sensor.


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Been on the road all week, but got home this morning and immediately pulled the connector. It was dry, but it has been a week. It did appear that water had gotten into it, so I put a dab of dielectric grease in, reconnected it and started the car. I let it warm up, and shut it off. Went to start it again, and.....fired right up! Did this 4 times, no issues. Thanks for the help!!!!
Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. Glad you got it sorted out so quickly, and that we were able to help.
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