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Hi guys,

Let me start by saying, I am not a "car guy" in any sense of the word (other than, I like them). That said, I am hoping to get some idea's.

There is a longer version to this story that I can post if desired. Here is the "short" version.

I bought my '89 GTA about 2 months ago or so. Drove it a 2 hour drive home with 1 hickup in the middle where it wouldn't start. Got it home, and when I went to back it in, it started acting weird. I was in denial at this point, turned it off, went inside and decided, I'll take it to get it washed.

When I came out to go get it washed, I started it up and a giant plume of white smoke came out... I'm talking full blown James Bond smoke screen levels here. I immediately turned it off and had it towed to my garage.

Long story short on this part since there's no point in going into much here, there was a major problem with the engine and the engine was replaced with a rebuilt, same 350 engine.

So i get the car back and it drove like ****. I took it on a test drive for about an hour. Whenever you got to 1800-2000 rpms it sputtered and just all around drove really bad. Then it started acting really bad on the way home, could barely get up inclines, and even flat stretches were a challenge, pulled over to the side of the road. Theexhaust manifold was glowing red hot. I then had it towed to my garage where they worked on it off and on for about 3 weeks.

I have it back now. The computer was replaced (some bad loose pins or something) along with some sensors (I can get specifics from the invoice if needed) and the catalytic converter was emptied, so its there but not doing anything. Now it drive's a whole lot better, however, on the highway at higher speeds, like say 65-70-80ish. If your cruising and go into an acceleration curve (or try to I should say), and stay in it like with the gas pedal down anywhere from 40% to 95%, it just kind of doesn't want to accelerate. It just chokes. Thenflooring it will get you beyond this choke point. I drove about 15 miles testing it in this manner and checked the engine and low and behold, the exhaust manifold was glowing again... If I stay in D, it doesn't seem to happen, only when in OD.

Also as side note that may or may not be a separate issue, it intermittently stalls at red lights if in D (usually can prevent this by shifting to N, but not always).

I also noticed, at cruising, sometimes with the pedal just slightly depressed, just to keep momentum... it will hiccup. This was the same thing it did right after the new engine was put in, but it does it much less frequently now.

Thanks for any help you can. I posted this on also, but looking for any and all suggestions.


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Since you aren't the working on your car kind of guy, have your mechanic put car on an obd1 scanner that does real time running sensor data. The data received during a drive of the car can point your mechanic in the right direction to repair your car.

And welcome to the forum, and the joys of owning an old car.
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