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I am planning on redoing my exhaust this winter and i know what i want just having trouble finding it.
I have long tube headers so from there this is my plan.

2.5" All stainless with Dynomax Ultraflow Mufflers

Collector off the headers with flange
piping into H-Pipe and out to mufflers
Over the axle out into the exit by rear lower quarter with factory chrome splitter tips

Pypes has piping from headers to muffler but an x-pipe which i wanted before i heard how deeper and nastier and h-pipe sounds.

So question one, is there anyone that sells just the pipe off the headers to muffler with an h- pipe?

Question two. Is there anyone that might sell a whole system headers to exit that exit in the factory location. Without mufflers and with an h-pipe.

I know i can buy the rear exit piping from Ames if need be. Then just cut my pipe underneath to match into it.

Magnaflow has a system that has factory exit but is from the cat back. My car does not have cats.
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