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Hi everyone,

Yet another wiring issue after the horn that I put on hold...

My tachometer is way off on my 1976 Firebird Esprit 350ci. It was disconnected when I got the car (like, so disconnected that not a single wire was on it), so I searched a bit and wired it as it should be (HEI plug, +12v, ground).

But when I start the car, the thing goes all the way to 6k, and maxes out when the engine is accelerated of about 3-400 rpms (see video below).

Any chance you guys know where the problem is? Wrong HEI signal? Shot tacho?

There was an invoice in the folder I got with the car where someone at some point years ago tried to wire it, and it was showing ~2500 when idling.

Thanks a lot for your input!

Tach problem

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