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70 T/A headers

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I just sold my Ran Air III engine and trans and the exhaust manny's went with it. I'm gona put headers in instead of the stock manifolds on my stroker engina. Anybody try any various brands and styles? How did they fit? Quality? Were they a pain? Any feed back will be appreciated.
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Lmao, Aus…..

I do have a Pontiac with headers and have only had this one set so I don’t have much to offer than answering your one question, “are they a pain?” Yes. Other brands may be different but my driver side can only be removed and installed by removing the starter. Passenger side can only be removed or installed by lifting the engine then as mentioned, there are issues with heat soaking the starter, although there are ways to deal with that. Reaching all of the bolts can be a pain in the butt.

Might I suggest limiting criticism of the same forum from which you seek advice though.
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