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4th gen Front Shock Tbar

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I just had a shop build new shock assemblies. they are lined up properly with the exception of one of the lower tbars is oriented backwards. my question is can i take a punch and rotate it or do i need to return it to the shop and have the spring compressed and rotate the shock 180 degrees?

thanks for your help.
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What shocks did you use? The t-bar at the bottom should be symmetrical. My stock deCarbons were, and my aftermarket QA1'a are.


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I Bought the staggs to give them a try. when i took the originals (180,000 miles) off the tbar is tilted appx. 15 degrees in respect to the shock standing vertical. i would guess the tbar moves as the control arm travels. the new ones have the same amount of tilt but as stated when the shop did the springs he didn't account for left and right. i can put a punch in a vise and lever the tbar into position if it won't damage anything.
You can see my factory originals.... the bar is perfectly level. You can see what I replaced them with.... the bar is perfectly level. True, my stockers only had about 60K miles on them when removed. The holes on the lower A-arm run front to back. There is no reason for the t-bar to be anything but level. As the A-arm goes up and down, the t-bar just has to rotate about its axis. Any minor relative movement at the top of the shock is easily absorbed by rubber bushing in the bottom eye.

If you put a level across the two holes in the lower A-arm, is it level, or tilted?

Every photo of the Stagg shocks I found on the web shows the t-bar level.

I really think that all you need to do is bolt them to the lower A-arm, and tighten both bolts down slowly and evenly to pull the t-bar back to level.
the tbar is level when viewing from the t viewpoint. when i removed the shocks the tbar was rotated on the axis. when i received the shocks that angle of rotation was on the tbar. the shop installed the shock 180 degrees out. if i try to attach it the angle where it will meet the lower control arm will make a v instead of matching flat. i tried to see if i could rotate the tbar with a punch in a vise. it is to tight. i will take it back to the shop and have them rotate the shock.

thanks for your help.

let me know if you know of a way to rotate the tbar on its axis.

again thanks..
At this point you've totally lost me on what is at an angle. Not much more I can do.
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