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Just got my block and rotating assembly back from the machine shop getting it bored, surfaced, line honed and balanced. I'm doing one last clean before putting it back together. I was wondering if anyone out there has run one of those composite distributor gears? I was thinking of using another MSD ready to run Mama Jama,they are pretty red jewelry on the engina, but there not cheep, with wires yer looking at 650 doll hairs. I'm kinda afraid to run one of those ****** Chanky Chinnese look a likes due to it probably wont work. Due to Qjets not having a ported vacuum makes using a vacuum advance hard to set. Holley carbs are ported and don't make vacuum till you tip the butterflies. I'm forced to using a 800 CFM QJ stage II, please tell why GM used a carb with no ported vacuum.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts