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35,000.00 Smokey and the Bandit refridgerator

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ON my way back from New York after delivering my 71 Pantera to it's new owner I decided to take the northern route back to So. Cal. and see some sights like Niagara Falls, where Buffalo wing were 1st invented and the the worlds largest collection of Pontiac T/A's ( not verified ) . I think there were 4-50,000 sqf. temp controlled buildings full of primarily 2nd gen. T/A's along with some cool Z28 Camero's. There were three other buildings housing a show room, assembly, fabrication, paint, etc.

I got the full tour from the owner of Restore a Muscle car located just west of Omaha Nebraska. I will never talk smack about this state again,it was so clean, no riff raff and a very good place to live unlike many other places in the U.S. I was very impressed with how organized and clean this place was. I tried to buy a couple of cars due to I had a bunch a cash in my pocket, but we couldn't see eye to eye on a price. The thing that really stuck in my mind was this frig in the showroom. This thing was such a work of art I just had to share it with the rest of the world. The detail on this thing was insane.

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X 2 on your thoughts of Nebraska. Some of my closest friends, Firebird lovers, and business associates live there. Great state and they have your back. That black fridge was too cool! Thanks for sharing.
Restore A Muscle Car is located just north of Lincoln, NE, which is about an hour drive west of Omaha.

They do have an amazing facility and every time I've been in it, it was immaculate. You'd never know they were working on cars there. It's an awesome crew of people who work there.
I got in trouble for messing around with it the owner kinda freaked out when he came up on me and said I wasn't supposed to touch it due to It cost 35K to build. Someone had removed the barricades, how was I supposed to know. Just when you think you have a cool man cave he comes along blows you out of the water. The owner does this Bandit run somewhere down south in Alabama I think. He gave me a poster that I had laminated and I stuck it on the wall.
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