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1997 Firebird Y87 5spd

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Hey guys,

just starting some kind of a build thread,

bought a few days ago a 97 bird with the 3.8 , Y87 code, black with grey interiors, t-top and manual tranny.

i love it, but it needs major works,

i already left it in a body shop because the previous owner hit a pole coming out of a corner (yup he spun, and he hugghed the pole with a door...).

it has some rust all over the under carriage.

interiors are in pieces, i need a lot of interior parts (gonna open a thread soon) starting from the upper part of the dash (the one that faces the windshiels, to sun visors, radio, ebrake bezel, radio and so on.

i also need to do a full tune up with new fluids.

only mod is the alluminum DS

if you want to follow me on youtube this is my channel (no bird yet on it)

and insta

238000ish km

any input is much appreciated



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The real GM inserts for 96/97 are hard to find, and expensive. Hawks has one (only) for the driver side and asking $124.

I saw someone selling 96-97 "chrome" versions for $90 a pair. They could be sprayed with flat black to look more authentic. But I can't find the link.

The grilles for 1998-2002 are easy to find, but are a different shape, and have a hole on each end for screws. No screws on 1996-1997. They have tabs that snap into the notches on the hood.
at that price, i think i'll patch something up lol
thanks for the infos though!

hood is installed, it is the hood i always dreamed about. gonna paint somewhere in the near future.
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started to prep the hood for painting.
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and the hood is at the body shop
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car is up on jackstands, need to:

-change u-joints;
-change rear brake hard lines and soft lines;
-change rear acxles bearings;

any tutorial is well appreciated.

and, will have to pass inspection....

axle bearings are installed with seals,

found out some rust issues though
Water Water resources Automotive tire Road surface Grey
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damn i'm seeing some bad rust underneath this car, a few holes in the floor pans...
Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Train Bumper

started to tear the interiors down
this pics is what i found just beneath the passenger seat
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Motor vehicle Air gun Bumper Trigger Machine gun
Wood Automotive tire Twig Rope Automotive wheel system

hi guys,
tore down the whole rear brake system set up with the help of an angle grinder and started to install the new brake lines as well.
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Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Steering part Steering wheel

started to install the short throw, it's for a mustang so it needs some "careful massaging" in order to fit....
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View attachment 229241
started to install the short throw, it's for a mustang so it needs some "careful massaging" in order to fit....
will updated as soon as i take it off the jackstands, i'm only missing the u-joints for the driveshaft now.
Sounds like a firm and precise mechanism. Good work!
it's quite good honestly. issue now is that the leverage is way off alignment in the center consolle. it's all the way to the right , so it's very uncomfortable. needs adjusting.

also, new u joints in the ds are in.
Wood Tool Metalworking Automotive tire Bumper

gonna take the car off the jackstands today.
will keep you updated

still need to fix rust though.
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Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Automotive parking light

hood is complete, like it?

do you think i can bolt a ram air air intake to this L36? what about the offset TB? aftermarket solutions?
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Tire Automotive tire Wheel Motor vehicle Vehicle

had to replace a hub yesterday night. finally got rid of bad noise i had.
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so this is what happened today ahahahahahah
Love your Hood, from where you get it? Greets from Switzerland
Love your Hood, from where you get it? Greets from Switzerland
Love your Hood, from where you get it? Greets from Switzerland
hi there,
got it from ebay, came from tallin.
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