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1997 Firebird Y87 5spd

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Hey guys,

just starting some kind of a build thread,

bought a few days ago a 97 bird with the 3.8 , Y87 code, black with grey interiors, t-top and manual tranny.

i love it, but it needs major works,

i already left it in a body shop because the previous owner hit a pole coming out of a corner (yup he spun, and he hugghed the pole with a door...).

it has some rust all over the under carriage.

interiors are in pieces, i need a lot of interior parts (gonna open a thread soon) starting from the upper part of the dash (the one that faces the windshiels, to sun visors, radio, ebrake bezel, radio and so on.

i also need to do a full tune up with new fluids.

only mod is the alluminum DS

if you want to follow me on youtube this is my channel (no bird yet on it)

and insta

238000ish km

any input is much appreciated



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at the body repair shop, should came up pretty good on this side .


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it should get black again today (no more scratches, no more hail, no more dents on this side).


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Wow. That was fast... Do you ever rest? :)
yeah i suffer some serious insomnia lol

i'm just hoping it looks nice!
and i got it back, this side is almost near perfetc. pic doesn't show it properly.


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yesterday i replaced both the radiator and the ac condenser. they were non existent enymore.
...and, took a shower with coolant lol
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just got it back from the body shop from the last details , looks pretty good to me, what do you guys think?
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Looks very good. But is the short piece of the body side molding missing on the fender?
that's correct, it's been missing since i bought the car.
can't really find one here in italy, i'll scout ebay sooner or later.
my dumb bird developped a new issue, the horn goes on by itslef lol

i had to take off the positive terminal of the battery to make it stop.
That's odd. ...for now, why not pull the wire from the horn itself?
There's a relay under the dash, driver side:

thanks for that pic!

bty, i had wire behind the whole airbag assembly that was setting off the horn. it's now fixed.

30 mins ago i left it at the shop in order to get the ac re-charged.
just bought a 93-97 ome trans am ram air hood...will updated when it comes ;)
LT1 style Ram Air (WS6) hood was only available 1996/1997. The optional package was available on both the Formula and Trans Am.
thanks Fred, i'll post pics when it arrives.

so, yesterday night i got hit AGAIN, i'm pis*sed above any recognition.

the feneder that was just reparired is now damaged again, and the bumper is cracked . bumper is now also sitting about half an inch lower than what it used to be.

car will be back to body shop monday.

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and the hood just arrived...what is supposed to go into the vents? some kind of grills?
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Black plastic inserts:

Car Grille Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Vehicle
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nice ! thanks! gonna scout ebay and fb market for a pair of those inserts...any link is appreciate. shipping to florida , so i can ship by myslef to italy.
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