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1997 Firebird Y87 5spd

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Hey guys,

just starting some kind of a build thread,

bought a few days ago a 97 bird with the 3.8 , Y87 code, black with grey interiors, t-top and manual tranny.

i love it, but it needs major works,

i already left it in a body shop because the previous owner hit a pole coming out of a corner (yup he spun, and he hugghed the pole with a door...).

it has some rust all over the under carriage.

interiors are in pieces, i need a lot of interior parts (gonna open a thread soon) starting from the upper part of the dash (the one that faces the windshiels, to sun visors, radio, ebrake bezel, radio and so on.

i also need to do a full tune up with new fluids.

only mod is the alluminum DS

if you want to follow me on youtube this is my channel (no bird yet on it)

and insta

238000ish km

any input is much appreciated



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Hey guys,

sorry for the long time no see, had been too busy with work . just got back from a business trip to Istanbul.

a few updates:

-new tires, stock 215/60/16...

-new windshield with new seals (thanks to my insurance ) an older radio as a gift from a friend, need to figure out how to wire it...probably gonna open a thread, and also got a set of 4 JBL speakers from one of my parts jeep. again, will need help on wiring.

also placed an order for, wix air filter, wix oil filter, oil pan plug gaskets , lug nuts and windshield wipers.

242400km on it

after the last car wash my ABS light turned on and ABS itself ain't working now. any suggestions? where should i start looking?

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Hey guys,

still can't figure out the mostly does not work, sometimes it does for a few minutes...??

i'm now waiting for the insurance to get me another windshield (due to hail storm that destroyed my car...fuc* me).

aslo, i got a 2000 camaro for parts...will keep you updated.

Start by checking brake fluid level.

The front ABS sensors are part of the wheel hubs, and depending on if the system is 3 or 4 channel there is either 1 sensor at the top of the rear differential or 1 at each rear wheel.

You can try cleaning them.

I had heard that the wheel hubs need changed to replace them but I see the sensors for sale as seperate units so I have no idea what is right. Maybe they weren't serviceable at one time then were redesigned, or maybe the source where I got the hub replacement notion from was incorrect.

There are several other causes; wiring, bad module, etc. There should be a code related to this stored in the ABS module but youd need an obd2 scanner capable of reading the ABS module.

I'd look over the most obvious things first tho like cleaning the wheel speed sensors and checking wiring/connections for continuity.

About that radio... You should have grabbed the '97 Factory Service Manual which has the wiring diagram you need to figure out the wiring. If you have an OEM radio but dont have the harness in the dash or on the radio, I might suggest buying one from a junkyard. If it is an aftermarket radio and you have the factory harness in the dash, buy an adapter harness. They are $20 or less and plug directly into the factory harness leaving open wires that match industry color codes or are labeled or both. So much easier and no cutting of the factory wires.
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thanks for the advices, i'll try to solve some issues and report back.

letely i'm working on the jeep, btw a couple of vids are here:

about the pontica, yesterday new air filter has been installed.

will post pics
quick rip:

6500km since when I bought it
hey guys

so, stereo sound id up and running, even if i only had time to install 2 speakers ( one per door).

i installed jbl speakers coming from my parts jeep.
radio is coming from a friend of mine truck and wiring from a older computer...
trying to keep the budget down ;)


btw, what's supposed to be installed in that square hole just below the ac controls ?


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Here are 2 "1997-2002" Camaro/Firebird upper console plates. Yours appears to be the bottom, but the top storage compartment is likely an option for you as well. If the area can be used for either/or here is a link to an auction for the storage compartment.

Thinking switch in lower image is traction control or "sport mode" or something along those lines. With a manual transmission, probably traction control. I wouldn't know, my console doesn't have an opening there at all.

Here is a link to the switch bezel which also verifies it's for traction control:

Thinking yours should be a switch. Got an unknown wire harness down there?

Camera accessory Gadget Auto part Electronic device Rectangle

Car Gear shift Steering part Vehicle Motor vehicle


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You know, looking at your upper console plate and comparing to the 2 different options, I think yours was hacked up. Your console has a hole cut from left side to right up against the right side where the side protudes out perpendicular to the face.

Now look at the 2 "correct" options. Neither hole goes fully left to right like yours. The "pocket" option leaves enough space to the right for a cigar lighter with plenty area around it, and the switch plate fills the same size hole as the pocket.

Looks to me like your either going to have to get creative or replace that entire top console plate. Looking at the top image in my previous post, you can see how it is seperate from the console.

...last time I saw a "new" one, be it "new old stock" or from a dealer, it was over $300USD.

As it looks like the factory radio harness was butchered, I would think previous owner had an EQ or something down there. Or, just a punk who needed several switches for meaningless accessories.

Good luck with it!
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Hi, ok in the attached picture you can see the two wiring harnesses that are free.
Have no idea about a traction control ora a sport mode.
I don't think it's a traction control though, this car leaves a lot of rubber down and I have no lights on the dashboard...could it be a sport mode? How can I tell?

Thanks for the links and the help as usual...and no, 300 USD for the center console look a little bit over my possibilities lol

My cigarettes lighter is in front of the ebrake I have no idea if the center console has been hacked or not.

Would be nice to have a "sport mode" button though.

Factory radio harness has been butchered for sure.


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Traction control was optional. Look at the service parts identification label for RPO code "NW9". If it doesn't have that code, you don't have traction control.

The panel to the left of the cigarette light was used for:

- convertible top switch (auto trans convertibles only)

- second gear start switch (V6 cars with auto trans only)

- traction control switch (if option NW9 is present)

There is no "sport mode" option. Earlier V8 models with auto trans had a "performance" button to make the shifts more aggressive.

It's entirely possible that a standard wiring harness was used in all cars, and the unused connectors are present.

Do you have the Owner's Manual for your car? If not, go here:
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Also, looking at the diagrams of the consoles in the 1997 Camaro and Firebird Owner's Manuals, the diagrams both show the same consoles, with the cig lighter just to the right of the switch panel. But both console diagrams are for the auto trans consoles. Maybe the manual trans console is different in that respect. Or, it is possible someone simply moved the cig lighter over under the cup holder, so they could alter the opening for the switch panel as mentioned above. The lighter could be moved simply by drilling a new hole.
I'd bet a large amount of money the cigar lighter was moved. It's current location is not ergonomic for the driver in any way. While my console is completely different, my cigar lighter is at least ABOVE and in-line with the e-brake. I couldn't imagine an engineer expecting a driver to fuss around a handle like that, let alone have it angled towards the passenger. Doesn't seem right.
hey guys,

srroy for the late answer, and thanks as usual for the infos.

yeah, probably one of the previous owners hacked all the center consolle.

and yes, i noticied the opening has been opned much more than stock.

at this point i'm thinking to put in a simple pocket ora scanner for speed cameras or something like that? any input?

i'm downloading that manual as i'm writing this.
i took part at a track day event yesterday, organized by an italian magazine...all kinds of cars had the chance to lap a few times.

i had fun in my v6, obviously missing 2 cylinders, but had fun lol.

i hope to get some pics
Trying to upload a pic from my phone


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a couple more pics from a track day i attended.

also, new front brakes and tranny mount.

i wasn't expecting to be this better with the new mount, not more shifter moving around.


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Car looks good. Nice to put them on a track and find out what they will do.

i have a super heavy foot, so i hammer it every time i can, same as my jeep lol
hey guys,

i got a broken upper dash for free, iìll decide if it's better to buy the 100 usd cover or rebuild this one.

still fighitng with ABS though
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