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1997 Firebird Y87 5spd

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Hey guys,

just starting some kind of a build thread,

bought a few days ago a 97 bird with the 3.8 , Y87 code, black with grey interiors, t-top and manual tranny.

i love it, but it needs major works,

i already left it in a body shop because the previous owner hit a pole coming out of a corner (yup he spun, and he hugghed the pole with a door...).

it has some rust all over the under carriage.

interiors are in pieces, i need a lot of interior parts (gonna open a thread soon) starting from the upper part of the dash (the one that faces the windshiels, to sun visors, radio, ebrake bezel, radio and so on.

i also need to do a full tune up with new fluids.

only mod is the alluminum DS

if you want to follow me on youtube this is my channel (no bird yet on it)

and insta

238000ish km

any input is much appreciated



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Cheap shock? That's the Factory shock! They were pretty good shocks actually. When I got my T/A at 67,000 miles, I was surprised how well it handled and soaked up the bumps in the road. You're getting there, keep on keepin' on!
^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^

The orange factory shocks were made by deCarbon, and considered to be very good quality. But it's not reasonable to assume after 270,000 KM over 25 years that they are going to be in perfect shape.
thanks guys, i thought "deCarbon" was cheap-ish fake oem.
According to Wiki - de Carbon was an independent company in France until Delphi (an "on and off" affiliate of GM) bought the company in 1997. The Chinese (Beijing West Industries) gained control of the Delphi's brake and suspension divisions including de Carbon in 2009. Who knows what the quality is now?
i see, thanks
these days i'm trying to fix some of the interiors.
previous owner installed blu leds in the ac panel, headlight switches and so on. issue is that blue light ain't strong enough so i can't really see switches at night. i then decided to replace all the blue leds with some common light/withe-ish ones.
i also hard wired the dash cam to a toggle switch in the center consolle (my center consolle is pretty bashed, previous owner was into tuning so there are holes for who knows what scattered everywhere), i also hid all the wirings so it's a pretty clean installation. will do the same for the under carriage led i have (will use another hole in the center console for the toggle switch and hide all the wirings).
hi all,
proceeding with solve the all my rust issues. car is on the lift at the shop, attaching pics:

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hi all,
my lil V6 is still down. this rust fixing attempt takes way more time than i expected.
the 5.9 jeep has been my DD for months now:
it works mega nice and it's quick, but it takes way too much gas to be a DD...
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hi all,
i'd say that it is almost rust free...this job is taking mega long.
now we started to patch it.
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Keep on it Tommy!'re going to have the nicest 4th Gen F-body in Europe before long. :)
ahahahahah thanks! will keep you updated.
i have no pics, but atm:
1) car is derusted
2) it has patches
3) it has rust converter on all the undercarriage
while i'm still waiting for the pontiac (little ot) i had some fun with the jeep
finally got my pontiac back from the shop, looks like a good job...i'll post pics of the undercarriage when i can
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