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1993 Firebird Formula - 6 Speed Manual

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Up for sale is a 1993 Pontiac Firebird Formula. I am the original owner of this car. This car was ordered on 3/28/1993 and we took delivery on 6/14/1993. The car currently has 29269 miles. Clean title in hand - you would hope so after thirty years!

The car was ordered with the same equipment level as the Trans Am so it is highly optioned. It is 1 of 756 that has the 6-speed manual transmission and 1 of 520 that has the high end stereo with CD player. There were 3985 Firebird Formulas produced that year. This is the only model year that GM offered the F-body without the skip-shift feature. The factory engine ratings are 275 hp and 325 ft-lbs of torque.

I have all the documentation that came with the car including owner’s manual, window sticker, build sheet, brochure, magazine articles, etc. I also have a record of all the maintenance that has been performed over the years and a GM Service Manual that is the same one used by GM Dealers for service.

No modifications have been made to the car except for installation of a cold air intake kit. The kit was offered by GM Performance Parts and thus is an official GM part. I have the original intake kit along with 3 sets of original keys along with some other items.

This car has been garaged and covered throughout my 30 year ownership and still smells new inside.

I am a recent member but have followed this Forum for years. I am joining now to allow listing the car here in hopes that it will go to a fellow Firebird enthusiast.
Please reach out if you would like additional information.
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I am asking $14,000 but am willing to consider reasonable offers.
I am asking $14,000 but am willing to consider reasonable offers.
Darn. You are about 3 months too early or I would have bought it from you.
That is an amazing piece of authentic history. A true, unmolested "survivor". Really rare to see one with the original wheels.

Reminds my of my purchased new 94 Formula, same color, same trans, probably same high option package, but gray interior. Sold it a year ago, and the body/paint was in virtually identical condition to yours (except for a Ram Air hood), with about 70K miles. But it was modified so far from stock, it limited the prospective buyers, no longer a "daily driver". Wish I had taken your approach, left it stock, and held on to it longer.

Good luck with the sale.... decent price for that quality and originality.
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