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1987 pontiac firebird formula 350

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hey guys, this is my first post here so i figured id show you my car...
the basics,
its a 1987 Pontiac Firebird with a v8 5.7 liter 350 TPI powering it, 4 speed auto trans with shift kit, dual magna flow exhaust, just got it painted last year, its wicked dirty in the pics. ill get some new ones up next spring.

right now im rebuilding the motor, buffing the wheells so they can shine again, new exhaust, new headers.
the body, underneath, and interior are immaculate but id like to do some more body work next winter, ie: cowl hood, 4th gen spoiler...
any questions feel free to ask.
here they are:

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Welcome to FBN Jesse, nice Firebird! What are your plans with the rebuild?
hey welcome, solid firebird you got there
Welcome to FBN Jesse, nice Firebird! What are your plans with the rebuild?
great looking car!!!!!! very cool!!!!!!
hey guys thanks for the comments,
my plans with the rebuild are pretty much as follows, ive talked to my mechanic and he told me about a place in boston that does wicked good work so we went over a bunch of stuff and thisis what we came up with so far:
10.5:1 Compression 64cc Patriot Perf. LS6 Ported cylinder heads [*]Titanium Retainers [*]5 Angle Valve Job [*]Rev Valves [*]Super 7 Locks [*]Hardened Steel Spring Bases [*]Viton Seals [*]Custom Grind Camshaft [*]Comp Cams Hardened Push Rods [*]180[sup]o [/sup]Thermostat [*]Ported and Polished Throttle Body [*]New Header Gaskets [*]Flow Tech Long Tube non coated Headers & Y-Pipe

the car will be ready to roll in march, i took it off the road for this winter, havent had snow yet but they have been talking about it. just bought a car port for it so now i can start doing minor things to it.
beautiful car Jesse! can't wait to see the "after" photos... btw, howd you like the magna flow exhaust? sound good?
Can't wait to see some pics of it cleaned up and all.
some more pics, a little cleaner:

for a question asked earlier, the magna flow exhaust are great, they sound really good on this car. they are loud and sound smooth.
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Nice Formula Jesse, I'm kinda' partial to 'em too. Sounds like it'll have a little more giddy up when you're done. Welcome to FBN

Looking good.
Great looking Formula!

Can you tell me the story why it has the base Firebird spoiler, instead of the Formula/TA/GTA spoiler?

I'd also like to hear what is sounds like, do you any sound clips of it?

Thanks guys,
the reason it has a base spolier is because when i had it painted 2 years ago, the wrap around spolier was in bad shape and i needed another one which i had on my '87 TA parts car, but i actually prefer this one that i had picked up fom a junkyard a while back. i may change the spolier back or maybe go with the 4th gen spolier next winter when i do some body work on it, depending on if i buy a cowl hood etc.
I dont have any sound clips right now but next spring when the motor is done ill have alot of sound bites and videos to show you guys...

Get rid of that silver shiftboot.It would look better with a black shiftboot.Just my 2 cents.
The color of the shiftboot doesn't make it any faster. It's gray too by the way.
Yeah your right it dosent make it any faster i just it would look better if was black.Just my 2 cents not tryin to tell you what to do.
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