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1982 - 1992 Pontiac Trans Am T-Top Hatch Drip Edge Weatherstrip Seal RUBBER PAIR


This T-Top weatherstrip seal PAIR are a new, aftermarket parts. They mount on the edges of the T-Tops and helps to deflect the rain onto the side of your door glass . Most of the original seals are usually torn at the edges or missing. If your old seasl are leaking water or causing wind noise when the windows are up, this are the seals you need.


Comes as a PAIR
Fits both the LH (Driver) & RH (Passenger) Sides
Replaces dealer part number: 10198352, 10198353
Molded exactly like the original on your car
Smooth soft fine grain rubber
Direct Replacement for either the soft rubber or hard plastic style
Also known as sealing strips
Buyer will need to secure with weatherstrip adhesive
Note: There were two types of drip edges produced. One was rubber and the other is hard plastic. This PAIR is the rubber style.

NOTE: Some 82-92 Camaros and Firebirds were converted to t-top cars after they left the factory by a company called Cars and Concepts (C&C). These aftermarket t-tops are not interchangeable with the stock ones and require different weatherstripping. To determine which top style you have, remove one of the tops and measure the side the tucks into the center support section of the roof. Factory, or Fisher, tops will be 30 1/4" while the C&C tops will only be 28" long. 1A Auto does NOT stock or carry the replacement C&C weatherstripping.

If your weatherstripping is causing leaks allowing damaging rain in, then this seal is for you. Why not replace your old, hardened, rotted seal with this new, ready to install weatherstrip.
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