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1980 TA rebuild

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So I ran into a pretty junked 1980 trans am. All that was really done was the old engine and tranny taken out, and rebuilds put back in. Engine is a 350 Chevy small block and tranny I believe a 700R4 both rebuilt. So I had it towed to my place. Alot has been done since, and still working on it. There's 2 things I ran into needing some help on. Btw this is my first actual project car, and I'm 24. Everything self taught via the internet ha. Anyways I need to replace my headers. They're full lenght and just crappy. I know I need to remove them from underneath probably, but how? Do they just come out if the car is lifted high enough or do I need to remove some stuff around it all? Also the other thing is my hood. It has the original turbo hood on it, but my engine is centered now and not off to the driver side. I was thinking of putting the shaker on there to stick with semi original stuff but can that work? Will it all fit with a different engine? When I close the hood the air filter is about half an inch from the hood fully closed. Thank you!
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Welcome! The guys with later 2nd gens will know better on SBC header removal but you can switch to a shaker & hood using a SBC specific shaker base for the air filter.
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