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1976 trans am

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I have a 1976 trans am and when moving I have lost the keys.I am currently just trying to get the vehicle started again . Should I replace the ignition or just call a lock smith (250$) ?
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I’m also a ‘76 owner. Welcome. I’ve never paid a locksmith to make a new key, but $250 seems high. Especially given that we’re talking about an old analog key that won’t require a chip or any sort of programming. In any event, even at $250 it would probably be cheaper (and far easier) than replacing the ignition lock at the end of the day. IIRC repo ignition locks aren’t cheap. And you have to take apart the steering column, which is a huge pain.
Thanks for the reply. That was my concern after watching the replacement videos. I’m going to call more locksmiths tomorrow after 7 today only 1 said they would do it and that was at 250$.
When considering the callout, time, skill, knowledge, and special tools required to accomplish this; and the fact everything is now double the price or more than we are accustomed to, AND you don't have to do anything beyond placing a phone call...

Well worth $250.

Although, for that price, I sure hope you're getting more than one key. Also, given the age, it might be wise to have them cut new door keys too as those should be fairly worn down at this point.
Sounds good! Thank you.
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