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1976 Formula interior Question?

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I have a 1976 Formula and I am trying to find new seats covers, but I am not finding any in my style?
What I mean is that the seat pattern is on a standard 1976 seat, BUT the material is of a 1977 Lombardy (a velour style material) material? The photos should help my description. I got the info from PHS, but nothing special on the order sheet?
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it's definetely 1976 style of seats.
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The seats are not terrible but would like to refresh them, and yes the driver seat is the worst of the 2. The car was pretty stock when I purchased it. So I am puzzled on this, the car was built late July of 1976?
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Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
Just one of many things on my list to this car.
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If you can't find it, they possibly don't offer it. Only the more common and popular ones get reproduced.
They look too good to be replaced. It costs the same if almost perfect as completely trashed. Have a chat to an upholstery place, they may be able to patch up a few areas or replace panels with a matching trim that looks stock. They can steam clean and redo the sponges. Not everything has to come from a store.
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