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1975 Firebird 6 cylinder - Idle Stop Solenoid replacement

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My 1975 6-cylinder 250 Firebird is in need of an Idle Stop Solenoid replacement, as it's not functioning properly.

Does anyone know if this NOS Chevy 250 replacement part will work with my car?

My car has its original engine and carburetor (though it's been rebuilt). I'm assuming this Chevy 250 part will work with it? My understanding is the 1975 inline 6 Firebird 250 engine is identical to a 250 Chevy engine, but I'm not sure if that means all parts - like this particular part - would be considered interchangeable and should work/fit for my Firebird?

Thanks in advance!!

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Yes, the 250 inline 6 was the chev engine. I don't know what yours looks like but here's a link you've probably seen. Easy to undo the aircleaner for a better look and compare with the ebay ad. Looks like it is both activated by 12V and some sort of oil pressure drop, perhaps doubles as anti-dieseling when shut off. Not sure.

I believe the original GM number is #7040316 as per this ad. But I don't know if there were variations based on A/C or emissions etc, looks like the same part as your ad.

Not that it helps but thanks for keeping that straight 6 in there. I had neither the time space nor money but I found a 76 with a straight 6 local to me I really wanted a few years ago but had to pass on. I think it would’ve been cool. Yours is
1 - 4 of 4 Posts