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1970 Firebird radio faceplate or ideas

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I have a 1970 Firebird with the face plate cut out for a newer style 1 DIN radio. Has anyone fabricated a faceplate or is there a product that will clean this up nicely.

I guess I can buy a bezel for 1970 to 1977 and cut it out cleanly for a single din.


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The single din dimensions are 2" x 7". I did some researching and found this info for a radio delete plate . I ordered the radio face plate bezel and will see if I can modify it .

radio delete plate dimensions

Measurements are horizontally 8-3/4" across the top and 8-1/2" across the bottom lengthwise. Vertically the plate is 2-1/2" tall. Fits 1970-81

I was going to use the new bezel i bought as a template and have a friend cut one out of plate steel. I will only have 1/4 of material on the top and bottom and the plastic may be too flimsy by itself so i figure I can sandwich it.
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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