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  1. Fourth Generation Pontiac Firebird (1993 - 2002)
    Ever since AC Delco went out of business I haven't been able to find suitable windshield wiper replacements. Most recently a salesman at Auto Zone told me any blade of the proper length would work fine, so I got the Boush, but they only wiped parts of my windshield. I ended up pulling the new...
  2. Second Generation Pontiac Firebird (1970 - 1981)
    Hey guys, Quick one here. Would this be not concealed? Thanks
  3. Fourth Generation Pontiac Firebird (1993 - 2002)
    R Help , 1995 Firebird Formula windshield wiper module I tried to replace today. In getting blade off cracked windshield Next got blades off finally and then plastic cowl or whatever it called.Then I find the windshield wiper module not located there. So help anyone knows why I can find the...
  4. First Generation Pontiac Firebird (1967 - 1969)
    Hey Folks - have a wiper question My wipers seem to almost work. Holding to the left (washer sider) they work slowly. Switching to the right, they sometimes work slowly, sometimes not at all. I don't really care as I never drive the car in the rain, but the state inspectors care unfortunately...
1-4 of 4 Results