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  1. Interior
    hey yall i got a 77 firebird and looking to buy carpet for it but am confused what the difference is between the carpet with or without a console cut out does it matter or what should i look for.... as well do i only need the carpet to put it on or do i need any under backing or padding?
  2. Open Discussions
    Anyone in CANADA… I am starting to rebuild my interior and buying it online what is the best website to make sure everything is good quality and fits the car perfectly for a 78 esprit
  3. Interior
    So the car I bought is worn out and I want to make it so the trim is all the same color without buying new trim because it costs a bunch of money. I’ve heard about dupli-color and the method to repainting old vinyl and trim. But I also want the color to all be the same. Is this the only option?
  4. Second Generation Pontiac Firebird (1970 - 1981)
    Just bought a 1980 trans am, and the interior is not in the best shape. Was just wondering if gen 2 camaro interior will swap directly. Mainly just the kick panels, sail panels, rear seat panels, etc. Dash and console are good just need paint. The rest of the interior was taken apart to put...
  5. Interior
    I have to order new bucket seat covers but can't get a straight answer out of any suppliers what color this is; my data plate says "saddle" for 1975. But what is the best PUI color match: saddle, dark saddle or light saddle? Stumped, I wish suppliers were true to the year colors. I need the...
  6. Second Generation Pontiac Firebird (1970 - 1981)
    I am working on a 1977 Formula. IT has the cloth Lombardy seats and cloth insert door panels. I'm not sure if these were original to the car, but ordered new door panels and noticed they were all vinyl and didn't have the cloth insert. Looks like the TA door panels had the cloth insert, so...
  7. Electrical
    For a fourth gen, does anybody know under what condition the ash tray wires to the light bulb are hot? Like if car is running, if battery is on, at all times, when accessory outlet is in use, etc. Im talking about the bulb that is in that little flip up compartment between the shift knob and...
  8. First Generation Pontiac Firebird (1967 - 1969)
    Hello everyone. I need to order some new pillar post molding for my 1968 firebird. The problem is that I have no idea what "style" my interior is. I will try to find more pictures on my PC, because it is at the paint shop at this moment. I asked the painter to send me pictures of the doors: is...
  9. IMG 0351 (2)

    Originally had brown interior that had been changed out to black.... except the steering column. Thanks previous owner! not.
  10. Electrical
    My gauges don't light up at night and I'm fairly new to working on cars. Does anyone know how to resolve this or have any ideas? Thanks
  11. First Generation Pontiac Firebird (1967 - 1969)
    For the folks that have redone their interior on the first gen, whats been your experience with the aftermarket carpets? Im looking to pickup either a 1 or 2 piece but want the best bang for the buck and of course one that fits semi factory. Any help is much appreciated.
1-11 of 11 Results