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  1. General Engine (Non-Gen Specific)
    I have a 1976 olds 455 in my 79 firebird, it was swapped before I bought it and am wondering if there are any headers that would work without modification. The exhaust work the guy before me did is appalling and I would like to do something about it.
  2. Second Generation Pontiac Firebird (1970 - 1981)
    I own a 1976 Formula 400 and I'm just about to order my exhaust system. My question is, do long tube headers work with this model? The steering box looks like it will be in the way and the heater tube is attached to the manifold on the driver side. At first I considered getting the Ram Air...
  3. Pontiac Firebird Part Numbers and General Info
    I'm currently in the process of figuring out my engine specs so that I can order some headers for my 1976 Firebird 400. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this sort of thing and I need some input. Does anybody know the head outlet shape for a 76' Formula? Also, a lot of them are mentioning...
  4. Fourth Generation Pontiac Firebird (1993 - 2002)
    Hello, Recently I decided to install headers and wrap them on my 1994 firebird formula and I'm having some trouble sealing up all of the exhaust leaks mainly at the cylinder head. Does anyone have header gaskets that they would recommend or tips and tricks to tighten the headers down correctly...
  5. Third Generation Pontiac Firebird (1982 - 1992)
    So, I have a stock 92 Firebird V8 305 with all smog and EGR still in the car. I have an entire exhaust system purchased (headers, and header-back dual exhaust kit) so with the header install I need to remove the smog so that's my main point of contention, how to do that. So, I got a smog pump...
  6. Exhaust
    Hey, all! I am currently trying to fit a new exhaust from headers all the way back for my 92 Firebird 305. I thought I correctly parted a whole system, but I think I messed up in ordering. So, I have headers that have a 3.0 flange, and the header-back system I ordered has 2.5 collectors. The CS...
  7. Exhaust
    Howdy folks! I've been fortunate enough to come upon a 1997 formula ws6 (6 speed) and I'd like to do some of the usual upgrades. I believe the car stock has 305 hp and around 325 torque. The car is bone stock at the moment and I'd like to get it into the 400 to 425 hp range. I'm looking at...
  8. Performance Modifications
    Hello ladies a gents, this may or may not have been discussed somewhere on here but I can't find an article anywhere. I have a 1997 Firebird Formula LT1 (6-speed manual) with ~106k miles on it. At the moment, my only performance mod (if you can call it that) is a Borla 14555 Cat Back Exhaust...
  9. Exhaust
    Hi guys, heres the skinny on my question, I picked up a 1993 formula about 2 weeks ago, and have been looking at headers for it, I am inspection exempt, so I have no problem doing smog delete, etc. My question is why do I find headers for 94-95, but say they wont fit a 93? Thanks, Vince
  10. Second Generation Pontiac Firebird (1970 - 1981)
    hello i recently installed dougs headers and on the drivers side i have 1 header tube that is hitting the lower control arm bracket. how can i fix this?
  11. All Things V6
    Hello all. I am working on a project I picked up a 1980 Firebird Yellowbird that has the 231 3.8L Buick v6. I wanted to increase the compression and first I thought about having the heads milled, but then I was wondering about head gasket thickness. What is the stock thickness and does...
1-11 of 11 Results