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  1. Second Generation Pontiac Firebird (1970 - 1981)
    So I have a 79 Pontiac firebird with a 301 and I just went through about two weeks of it not running. So I found the issue was my pickup coil which a bought a new one and installed it. I also installed a new ignition module and coil because I thought they were the problems however they weren’t...
  2. Second Generation Pontiac Firebird (1970 - 1981)
    Hi, I was just wondering what do I specifically need to get my a/c back. When I bought it, this was all I had so I am just wondering what parts I need in order to make my a/c functional again.
  3. Performance Modifications
    I don't ever see anything about a perfect camshaft for the 301. I understand it is because there isn't a lot for this economy engine as well and that is why. So I know that the 301 gets a lot of hate because of this but I would just be curios what camshaft would give a nice noise to the car. I...
  4. Second Generation Pontiac Firebird (1970 - 1981)
    So i bought a 1980 301 non turbo trans am about 2 years ago with the thought of slowly restoring it...with zero experience.....yeah...went way over my head on it....but anyway we had to replace to starter to get it back on the road and i was able to drive it around 40-50 min no problem. Then...
  5. Introductions and Staff Photos
    New Member Here, I have previously owned (many years ago) a 3rd generation and 4th generation Firebird. I always liked the 2nd generation body style but could never find a unmolested rust-free low mileage version. My luck changed last week. I purchased a rust-free (never driven in winter and...
  6. Introductions and Staff Photos
    There are many others like it but this one is mine.. So, the '76 got totalled from hail last Fall. And here's my new girl with all of 56K miles on her. She turns heads everywhere I go and I thoroughly enjoy it. Plans.. aluminum radiator and Flow Kooler w/p, rebuild the carb with performance...
1-6 of 6 Results