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157000 Miles
Bane of my existence, and sometimes fun. "Saya II" is her name and she is as you expect, not very fast and the previous owner didn't take good care of her inside or out. Daily driver. Replace PS Pump and Pulley, Water Pump, Belt Tensioner, Alternator, TB Gasket and gave that whole assembly a good cleaning since it was black, Repair the exhaust Cat to Muffler (and oversized 3" exhaust at that don't know what that kid was thinking and muffler shop didn't use their head), replaced a tailpipe and exhaust tips after one of each rusted off ...smfh..., interior rewired the speakers because he literally had the wires so scrambled in the door that opening the window would disconnect the speakers lmao... and no screws held in the rear speakers, ECU was tuned us HPTuners had some ignition problems so no it's fixed but runs on 91 Octane with a little bump in and power and more responsive 1st to 2nd shift, replaced all 4 brakes and tires, deleted the EGR Valve both physically and in the ECU, fan comes on earlier to cool the motor, Flushed the transmission, 3000 mile oil changes using a filter from 99 4.3L Blazer (same circumference and fit but holds more oil, which is good since she likes to eat a little oil in a 3000 mile period), installed a new aftermarket headunit for personal reasons and the factory one was shit... turning the knob up for volume sometimes worked, turning it down sometimes put it on max... smfh, she has a vacuum leak somewhere but I am clueless as to where or if it's just a result of no more EGR (symptom: between 1300 and 2000rpms, it will rev up higher while cruising whether cruise control is engaged or not, car LOVES 70MPH cruising though.. it is symptom free), of course T-Tops are a little leaky but if I close the driver side door right, it doesn't really get on the seat, oh yeah, new rear shocks and springs and control arms (w/ grease fittings) and rear lower panhard bar (w/grease fittings), front ball joints(upper and lower), tie rod ends, and all 4 sway bar end links replaced, and converted rear bump stops to the jeep red polyurethane ones... AFR guage... new Catalytic converter, new passenger side parking light socket and side marker socket, driver side and passenger side parking light lenses.. and that is it, as of right this second lol



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