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General Information

Arctic White
116000 Miles
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRating
Blue PhoenixMe and my dad put a blue phoenix on the hood.$65.99$0.0010 / 10
K&N 33-2118 Air FilterK&N high flow air filter$74.19$0.0010 / 10
MSD spark plug wires$71.90$75.0010 / 10
Magnaflow high flow catalytic converter$102.00$40.0010 / 10
Flowmaster 80 series muffler$118.71$84.8010 / 10
Mail Order Tuned PCM from PCM of NC$253.00$0.0010 / 10
Sail panel Phoenix decals$10.50$0.0010 / 10
Replacement dashReplaced the old cracked dashpad$311.00$25.0010 / 10
Replaced driver side mirror$60.00$0.0010 / 10
Bought it on May 15, 2013 for a down payment of $2,000 and since then have paid it off in only 3 months. It was a private sale with a guy I work with everyday. It had like 80,739 miles on it when I bought it. Other than like 2 scratches on the back just under the spoiler it look pretty much perfect, body wise. Functionality wise it needed, and still needs, some help. The A/C had no freon in it (fixed), my left front speaker was blown (fixed), my tires were dry rotted (replaced with 4 new Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus tires), the CD player didn't work (replaced the head unit with an identical one that looks brand new and is fully functional, plus has a 3.5mm auxilary jack for my phone now), the catalytic converter was busted inside (replaced with a Magnaflow high flow converter), and the horn didn't work (replaced with another horn from eBay from another '99 Bird for only $20). The cool thing is this is my first car ever. And I bought it all by myself with no outside help. It's awesome. Unfortunately after 2 years, 11 months, and 17 days I had to part ways with her to buy a daily driver/winter car which ended up being the car I've always wanted since I was 10 years old. Fortunately it was sold to a coworker so I occasionally get to see her again.



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