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Medium Red
140000 Miles
The "Ghettobird" I call my own! There's a lot of cosmetic things that need to be done, but otherwise it's a mechanical beauty. There's approximately 140,000+ miles on it at the time of this writing - "Not Actual Mileage" was issued in 2008...<br /><br />You just don't call any Firebird a "Ghettobird" unless it truly deserves that name, in this case it truly does! I continue to find non-mechnical issues with this car every time I look, and some of them are downright hilarious!<br /><br />Here's a few off the top of my head:<br /><br />- Right rear passenger seat flopping around<br />- Trunk struts are shot<br />- Door locks all around are shot<br />- Passenger door lock isn't even made for my key...<br />- "Clearcoat"? What's that?<br />- Center console has broken plastic around screw holes<br />- Rack and pinions leaking<br />- Oil leak somewhere (probably nothing major, I hope!)<br />- Bad fuel sending unit? Gas gauge stuck on full (Unlimited fuel!)<br />- Oil pressure at 80, probably a bad reading somewhere<br />- Shifter knob is shot, held together with super glue<br />- Dashboard is cracked<br />- Broken plastic on a couple of dash vents<br />- Security system needs bypassing ASAP<br />- Alarm system installed and disabled...yay for useless keyfobs!<br />- Missing rubber piece for cupholder<br />- Missing spare tire & tire jack components (they move around freely)<br />- FOUR different tire brands (now that's ghetto!)<br />- Driver's side mirror plastic piece broken (the part where you adjust it)<br />- Window tinting is shot all-around...<br />- Brakelights have holes in them (kids + rocks = bad news)<br /><br />(There's more I can't remember off hand!)<br /><br />Ladies and gentlemen, for $ get what you pay for. I walked into this knowing fully well that it would be a long road until this bird looks decent again. Hopefully one day, the "Ghetto" aspect will be gone forever. When that day comes, the Ghettobird will be rechristened with a new name.<br /><br />Projects are fun!



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