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General Information

WS6 Formula
blue metallic
100000 Miles
We called this one Old Ugly for a long time. I got the engine back from Butlers in September, and decided in August I should make that engine's home a bit nicer. So I tore Ugly apart and painted it on a $240 budget. Not sure what to call it now since its not as ugly. <br /><br />I have owned Ugly since 1990 when I bought it on base in Germany, its been down Bahn 3 and 5 numerous times, and used to be a 301 4 barrel 4 speed, but I swapped the 301 out when I got it and dropped a 400 in its place. Its had a couple 400s, and a 455 with iron heads that pushed its 3750lb bulk into the high 11s in street trim. Its been my toy since I got back from Europe with it, its the 3rd Bird I bought.<br /><br />The engine is a 73 400 block, .060 over, with a 4.25" Eagle crank and 6.8 rods connected to Ross slugs. Topping it are 87cc Edelbrock heads, ported to 330cfm, and a Victor with a 1050 Dominator on it. The cam is a 270/[email protected] solid roller with 1.6 rockers moving the valves. It runs on 92 pump gas pretty well, but Im getting another carb so I can run it on E85 or pump gas.<br /><br />Inside it has two Jaz buckets, a torn up dash, a tach, gauges, and a 10 point cage. Under it is a Th400 and 4.11 gears in a 12 bolt. Total weight without me in it is 3100, but Im going to try to get it down to 3000 with me on board. I want a single digit time slip from this thing.



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