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Trans Am
red for now
0 Miles
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRating
eibach drop springs1.5 inch front drop$159.00$0.009 / 10
99 Corvette rims 4 rims and tires 17 front and 18 in the rear w/ spacers$250.00$0.009 / 10
3-way adjustable shocks set extra firm on all 4 corners$120.00$0.009 / 10
energy suspension bushing kit +++ poly urethane bushings $300.00$0.009 / 10
earls braided steel brake lines$96.00$0.009 / 10
headdersheadders$120.00$0.009 / 10
full true dual exhaust 2.5 inch headder back pipes$189.00$0.009 / 10
flowmaster muffler2 super 44 mufflers$180.00$0.009 / 10
sub frame connectorscomp. eng. bolt in style connectors$130.00$0.009 / 10
intakeholley intake $0.00$0.009 / 10
holley carb 750 cfm duel feed$400.00$0.009 / 10
electrical systemre-wire kit $200.00$0.009 / 10
bolt kitcomplete stainless steel engine bolt kit$100.00$0.007 / 10
THE PIC IS THE BEFORE PIC, WHEN I FIRST BOUGHT IT<br /><br />It has a 1972 Pontiac 455ci with a 400 turbo tranny.<br />These are the upgrades I have done so far::<br />Replaced every piece of rubber and bushing with Energy Suspension Poly Urathane from front to back<br />I put 3 way adjustible shocks on all 4 corners set on extra firm<br />The front springs were replaced with Eibach drop springs about 1.5 inches<br />I have sub-frame connectors waiting <br />I spent about 40 hours stripping the frame to bare steel and primeing and painting(looks real good in my opinion)<br />And alot more time in all components under the car doing the same , mabe about 100+ hours total<br />I have about 90% of the new wiring harness installed, just waiting on me to do the headlights and put the header panel back on<br />I have replaced 90% of the brake system (not the booster), I installed Earls braided steel flex lines all around<br />I made an attempt to patch the floor pans since you can't get replacement toe boards, not the greatest but it will work for now <br />It has a new factory fuel tank<br />For christmas my brother and best friend got me a new PPG windshield, thanks Jojo and John<br />I got a great deal on a set of 4 1999 Corvette C5 rims and tires ($250.00) including spacers <br />A complete stainless bolt kit for the engine<br />A new set of headers and installed the all new exhaust including 2 Flowmaster super 44 mufflers( they sound awsome )<br /><br />These are the parts waiting to go on::<br />New weather stripping<br />Sub-frame connectors<br />A complete stainless bolt kit for the body, waiting till after paint<br />Jegs 8.0mm plug wires<br />A MSD 6A ignition control box <br /><br />I am hoping to have it on the road real soon, mabe in the next 2 weeks, then i will worry about the looks( shes kinda ugly )lol



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