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Posted 12 March 2020 - 09:00 AM

I have complied a list of torque specs from several locations.  If you can add to the list, feel free.





Bolts or Parts                                                          Lube or Sealer                    Torque To:


Main Caps                                                                   Engine Oil                               95 ft-lbs

Rear Main Cap                                                           Engine Oil                               120 ft-lbs

Connecting Rod Bolts                                                 Assembly Lube                       45 ft-lbs

SD Connecting Rod Bolts                                           Assembly Lube                       65 ft-lbs

Cylinder Heads                                                           Engine Oil                               95 ft-lbs

Rocker Studs (screw in)                                             Engine Oil                               55 ft-lbs

Rocker Arm Nuts (nonadjustable)                              Assembly Lube                       20 ft-lbs

Rocker Arm Cover to Head                                        Dry                                          8 ft-lbs

Oil Pump Bolts                                                            Engine Oil                               30 ft-lbs

Oil Pump Cover Bolts                                                 Engine Oil                               15 ft-lbs

Windage Tray                                                             Engine Oil                               15 ft-lbs

Oil Pan                                                                        Engine Oil                               12 ft-lbs

Oil Filter Housing to Block                                                                                          30 ft-lbs

Camshaft Thrust Plate                                                Engine Oil                               15 ft-lbs

Cam Sprocket/Timing Gear (upper)                           Thread Locker                        45 ft-lbs

Timing Cover to Block                                                Dry                                          35 ft-lbs

Timing Chain Cover to Pan                                        Dry                                          12 ft-lbs

Water Pump to Cover                                                 Dry                                          15 ft-lbs

Single Timing Cover to Intake bolt                             Install rubber O-ring with

          light RTV Silicone                   10 ft-lbs

Valley Pan Bolts                                                          Engine Oil                               15 ft-lbs

Intake Manifold (Cast Iron Heads)                             Non-hardening Sealer             40 ft-lbs

Valve Cover to Head                                                  Engine Oil                               8 ft-lbs

Exhaust Manifold to Head                                          Anti-seize Lubricant                40 ft-lbs

Intake Manifold to Head                                             Dry                                          40 ft-lbs

Spark Plugs (Gasket)                                                 Dry                                          25 ft-lbs

Spark Plugs (Taper Seat)                                           Dry                                          15 ft-lbs

Flexplate (Automatic)                                                 Tread Locker                          95 ft-lbs

Flywheel (Clutch)                                                        Dry                                          40 ft-lbs

Clutch Pressure Plate to Flywheel                             Tread Locker                          25 ft-lbs

Clutch Fork Ball Stud                                                  Dry                                          40 ft-lbs

Clutch Fork Rod Adjustment Lock Nut                       Dry                                          10 ft-lbs

Harmonic Balancer to Crankshaft                              Tread Locker                          160 ft-lbs

Transmission to Bellhousing                                       Dry                                          55 ft-lbs

Subframe Rear and Mid Position Bolts                                                                      75 to 95 ft lbs.
Subframe Front Bolts (radiator support)                                                                    30 to 40 ft lbs.

Oil baffle bolt to bearing cap                                      Locktite                                   15 ft-lbs

Starter to Block                                                           Dry                                          30 ft-lbs

Starter Rear Brace to Block                                       Dry                                          60 ft-lbs

Fuel Pump to Timing Cover                                       Engine Oil                               25 ft-lbs

Front Insulators (engine mounts)                               Dry                                          75 ft-lbs          

Rear Insulator (tranny mount)                                    Dry                                          30 ft-lbs

Front Cover to Intake                                                  Dry                                          12 ft-lbs

Sprocket to Camshaft                                                 Dry                                          40 ft-lbs

Camshaft Retaining Plate                                           Dry                                          20 ft-lbs

Countershaft Stud Assembly to Cylinder Block         Dry                                          70 ft-lbs

Countershaft Stud to Side Rail                                   Dry                                          21 ft-lbs

Fan and Pulley to Water Pump                                  Dry                                          20 ft-lbs

Pulley to Balancer                                                       Dry                                          20 ft-lbs

Oil Drain Pan Plug                                                      Engine Oil                               22 ft-lbs


Steering Gear Mounting Bolts                                                                                    70 ft-lbs
Pitman Shaft Nut                                                                                                        140 ft-lbs
Steering Wheel Nut                                                                                                    35 ft-lbs
Steer Coupling Nut                                                                                                     18 ft-lbs
Steering Coupler Clamp Bolts                                                                                    30 ft-lbs
Tie Rod End Nut                                                                                                         35 ft-lbs
Tie Rod Clamp Nut                                                                                                     130 inch lbs
Ball Joint Nut (upper)                                                                                                  50 ft
Ball Joint Nut (lower)                                                                                                  65 ft-lbs
Steering Arm Attach Nuts                                                                                           85 ft-lbs
Lower Control Arm                                                                                                      85 ft-lbs
Upper Control Arm                                                                                                      50 ft-lbs
Brake Anchor Pin (drum)                                                                                            130 ft-lbs

Brake bracket top anchor bolt (disc)                                                                          75 ft-lbs

Collar bolts                                                                                                                  45 ft-lbs

(bolts that hold the large washer on the ends of the upper control arm shafts)
Wheel Stud (lug) Nuts                                                                                                65 ft

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Posted 13 March 2020 - 04:36 AM

Good info. I pinned tour thread at top of 1st gen section.

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