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Forum Rules

Firebird Nation Rules:

Forums and Shoutbox Rules:

* RICE: Absolutely no riced out firebirds of any kind. Keep your rice to yourself! How do you know if it's rice? If you had to think about if your car is rice, it's probably rice. Posting rice for the purpose of humor is allowed and encouraged.

* Personal flames: or attacks are not permitted. Debating is allowed and even encouraged, but flaming members is strictly prohibited. A personal flame is any attack against another person, for example, "you are an idiot".

* Debating Rules of Engagement: When debating, you must:

1. Identify your position regarding the topic and offer a definition of terms when requested. This will ensure that everyone is debating with the same definitions and on the same topic.

2. Answer the majority of relevant questions directed at you.

3. Act respectively towards your opponent during the debate.

4. Try to be 'concise and clear' about your answers.

If you do not attempt to follow these rules of engagement, you will not be allowed to participate in the debate.

* Act like adults: No profanity or "offensive" content such as nudity, ######ography, violence, sexual content, etc. on the main forums. Use the Almost anything goes forum for "adult content". If you find any offensive material on the main forums, please use the report to moderator button or personal message a moderator immediately and if it violates our terms, we will remove it asap and take action against the member responsible.

* Usernames aka Screen Names: must be child friendly. If your user name is not child friendly, it WILL be deleted as well as your account.

* Screen Name Changes:

You can only change your screen name if the following conditions are met:

a. If you are a new member and don't yet to reach 50 posts.
b. Inappropriate Member ID.
c. A recent breakup or divorce.
d. Mistake at creation (new members only).

* Double Posting: DO NOT double post, please only post each question once.

* Advertising: No advertising will be allowed. This includes contacting members via e-mail or PM. Any violation of this rule will result in immediate account suspension. If you wish to advertise your products, please become a site sponsor.

Links can be provided to help others, but outright advertising is strictly prohibited. Private sales of parts and vehicles are allowed, but they must be placed into the classifieds. Any advertising posts that look to be of a business type may also be removed at the discretion of the moderators. If you would like to be a sponsor and advertise your products, please contact a moderator for details.

These advertising rules also apply to car clubs. We are the home of the FBNCC, and we only promote the FBNCC. If you are here only to promote your club, you will find a hostile environment for such behavior.

* Hijacking Threads: Do not hijack others threads, if you have a question of your own, please start it on a new thread.

* Signatures: Please keep your signatures reasonably short and to the point. In addition, objectionable material must be kept out of your signature. The rule is child friendly content only in signatures.

No advertising banners in signatures. Text links to personal sites are ok, but no links to competing sites. Businesses can post a link to their business site in the signature, but it must be a link with standard size text without formatting.

* Avatars: Avatars MUST also be child friendly. No sexual content what so ever will be tolerated. This will include, but is not limited to, Photoshop pictures, cartoons, and tattoos.

Keep any and all adult content in the anything goes forum.

No advertisements in avatars unless you are a site sponsor.

* Flaming other Forums: No flaming of other forums allowed!

* Hecklers and Flamers: will be heckled, if you personally flame someone, you will be flamed and banned, got it! Don't be that guy.

* Selling on FBN: Keep ALL for sales information in the classifieds section or it WILL be deleted. You cannot use the PM system or e-mail to spam members in order to sell your stuff. ALL SALES HAVE TO BE CONDUCTED IN THE CLASSIFIEDS SECTION, unless you are a site sponsor.

See for sale form for more rules on selling on FBN.

* 10 Post Rule: We require 10 posts before you can use all the features of FBN. In addition, one must have 10 post in order to use the classifieds system. If we feel that you are posting simple single word or single sentence posts in order to use our classifieds system, we will reset your post count back to zero and delete your ad.

* Reporting a Post and/or Inappropriate Content: Please use the report post button to report any inappropriate content.

* Grounds for Immediate Ban:

1. Posts containing private information about another member.

2. Theft of another member's forum identity. Any impersonation of a member of this forum in any manner is strictly prohibited.

3. Multiple memberships. Only one account per person is allowed without prior authorization from an administrator.

Chatroom Rules:

* The chatroom is for adults only due to the nature of our Almost Anything Goes Policy.

* Almost anything goes in the chat room. Of course we do NOT allow any illegal content.

* 18 and older only in the chat room.

* If you don't like what someone says in the chatroom, then please do not enter the chatroom.

* Have tolerance of others views, even if you disagree with them. If you are closed minded or intolerant, I advise that you do not use the chatroom.

* Moderates may remove disruptive members.

* During FBNCC Chatroom sessions, the chatroom rules change to the forum / shoutbox rules, and the FBNCC meetings should take place in private chatrooms.

*** All punishments for rules violations are left up to the discretion of the Moderators. If something isn't covered here, the moderators will decide the best course of action.

Classified Rules and Terms of Service:

Read these and agree to these TOS before you post! If you do NOT follow these rules, your listing will be REMOVED.

Disclaimer and TOS:

We are a community based forum and provide this service free of charge for all our valued members. In order to protect ourselves from legal problems, we have implemented the following disclaimer:

All transactions conducted in this section are conducted by parties not related to does not warrant or guarantee any of the items sold/traded/purchased through We do NOT vouch for the validity or reputation of anyone buying or selling on Firebird Nation, but we do provide a seller feedback forum for members to use.

If you buy/sell/trade on, you agree to not hold Firebird Nation liable for any money lost, problems and issues encountered, etc, arising from any transaction conducted on Firebird Nation. We are providing this service free of charge for all our valued members benefit.

If you do not agree with these terms, you are not authorized to buy/sell/trade on If you do not understand these terms, please contact a moderator for clarification before proceeding.

To help you avoid fraud or problems with any transaction, we suggest the following:

1. Use Paypal or Credit card as a preferred method of payment. This will allow you to charge back or cancel a payment(d) should a problem arise.

2. Contact the seller/buyer directly via the telephone, and be sure to get contact information from the buyer/seller.

3. If you don't feel good about any transaction, do not proceed with the transaction.

4. If you have to meet the seller in person, choose a safe and secure public location.

Selling Rules:


1. ADD IMAGE(S) OF THE ACTUAL ITEM(S) BEING SOLD: Anyone selling an item must include a photo, or photos, of the actual item for sale. If you do not add a photo to your listing, it will be deleted. You can link to photos, but we ask ALL sellers to link to actual photos of the item for sale; not similar items, but the exact item in your possession that you are selling here at FBN.

2. INCLUDE LOCATION IN SUBJECT OR TOPIC DESCRIPTION: In the subject, please list the city, state, country, etc of the item you are selling.

3. INCLUDE A PRICE IN ALL SALES: Include a price for all the items you are selling. Asking for offers when not letting the members know how much you want to start out at is not allowed. Our members deserve to know the basic price you are looking for.

4. TTT AND THREAD BUMPING: TTT (To-The-Top) and thread bumping are allowed only once in a 24 hour period.

5. NO THREAD CRAPPING/HECKLING/DISRUPTIVE POSTING: Commenting on a post in a negative manner, called 'thread-crapping', is not allowed. If you think an item is overpriced or of lesser quality,  don't buy it. If you have concerns about the seller PM a Mod or Admin and we can discuss the matter.

6. NO THIRD PARTY SELLING: We do not allow third party selling. No selling for friends or friend of friends. The item you are listing MUST be in your immediate possession and owned by you.

7. YOU MUST HAVE 10 POSTS TO POST SALE ITEMS IN THE CLASSIFIEDS:  We require all members to have at least 10 quality posts in order to post  in our classifieds forum. Those posting dumb responses to threads just to reach this limit will be barred from our classifieds section (Our moderators will decide if you are posting dumb posts to reach this level or not). Our classifies are for use by our valued members only. We DON'T want a bunch of non-participating members posting in our classifieds. If we feel you are only here to post in our classifieds forum, you will be barred from using our classifieds forums. If you want to just post your car without the required 10 posts, consider making a donation and becoming a supporting member for a month.

8. LIMIT YOUR THREADS TO ONE THREAD AND KEEP YOUR ITEM CONSOLIDATED TO THAT SINGLE THREAD: If you are a company who needs to create more threads, then please contact Bob so you can sign up as vendor and get your own forum.

Thanks for helping make Firebird Nation a better place for everyone.

How to upload images:

Uploading images is very easy.

1. Click the browse button under the text box and find the image you want to add.

2. Click on the upload button.

3. Follow steps 1 and 2 for additional images.

4. (optional) To put the images in specific areas of your post, click on manage attachments and then the + image.