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We have added two new sections to this site, the club gear section and the flyers section. Feel free to distribute these flyers in your area, in a lawful manner of course.

The Firebird Nation Car Club is a worldwide established car club, with official non-profit status, and is fully insured. You can read more about our non-profit status here. We are always looking into opening new chapters all around the world. If you would like to start your very own chapter of the FBNCC, please register on the FirebirdNation.com forum and post in the Firebird Nation Car Club Prospective Members Forum. We will soon outline all the requirements to get your very own Firebird Nation Car Club chapter. The following are some of the benefits which come with being an official Firebird Nation Car Club Member and Chapter:

Chapters (how FBNCC chapters benefit):

  • You get to be a part of the BEST Pontiac Firebird Car Club in the world.
  • Chapters get to set up and run their own chapter without worrying about all the small details.
  • Chapters are covered by the FBNCC insurance.
  • Chapters are under the FBNCC non-profit corporation.
  • No reason to write your own bylaws or constitution, which can be very time consuming. You just work under the already established bylaws and consitution
  • Chapters can use FirebirdNation.com, which has over 7,000 members, to recruit chapter members.
  • The chapters get promotional materials from the Firebird Nation Car Club to help increase their chapters membership.
  • The FBNCC will provide the funding (when the club is able to do so) to local chapters to help fund you very own car show, swap meet, etc, which will allow you to raise money for future chapter events.

Chapter Members:

  • Local chapter members get camaraderie, friendship, and the ability to interact and share this great hobby with fellow enthusiasts locally.
  • Local chapter members get their club apparel created for them so they don't have to worry about it. All they have to do is purchase it with a very small markup that goes to cover the cafepress fees (goes back into the club).
  • New member packet which includes an official member sticker, membership card, dash plaque, and whatever else the committee can come up with in the future.
  • The ability to participate in local chapter events.
  • ANd best of all, the members can just join the club and have fun rather then worrying about all the insurance and legal non-profit stuff.

We also have National Members, which are members who live more than 150 miles from the nearest chapter and who want to become active members. Some National Members also join in order to prepare themselves to start their own chapters.

National Members:

  • National Members get the ability to interact with fbncc members online and in person when they want to travel to a local chapters events.
  • New member packet as listed above.
  • Club apparel and club shirt created for them which they can purchase from the club store.
  • The ability to plan and organize their very own future chapter.

Our club is a family friendly club, dedicated to educating the public, young and old, about the rich history of the Pontiac Firebird, so our members and their entire families are not only welcomed, but encouraged to participate in our club's events. We hope to see you at our next club event.

If you would like more information on the club, Click Here and join in the discussions.

FBNCC Iowa Chapter Meet

Our Latest Iowa Chapter Meet.

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