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69/2Green FB's Photo

69/2Green FB  When I turn on headlights, turn signals work, but, dash turnsignals stay on! Gas gauge goes to empty also when headlights on! High beams work, but, dash light goes off when on "high" beam! Any solutions out there?

22 hours ago

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Chibi's Photo

Chibi  One of my coworkers had a 2nd gen Trans Am years ago, kids grew up in it & everything; she wants a 'vette when she retires...I took her for a drive on break tonight - I think she might reconsider & look for another Trans Am instead. My work is done!!

2 days ago

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80TA400's Photo

80TA400  To do list: #1 Wipers don't work #2 need motor mounts asap #3 rewire or fix the window switches #4 rehang the driver door

5 days ago

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Formula Iowa's Photo

Formula Iowa  Ugh. Three studs broken on the same wheel. What the hell did this dude do to the car?

6 days ago

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Blue-Hoss's Photo

Blue-Hoss  My first real post since I joined a few years back. I now have 3 each, 99's: 1 FB, 1 Formula T/A & the original T/A. I crashed the original '99 about 2 months ago. Mushed up the passenger side front. Currently aiming to build 2 out of the 3 birds. Will post pics when I can figure out how to do that.

A week ago

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Pilot294's Photo

Pilot294  should be getting my motors this sunday. then the real work begins

A week ago

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othercar's Photo

othercar  Best color for a 78 Transam special addition - black or original gold. A little help please, I'm almost ready for paint

A week ago

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Tpbuz318's Photo

Tpbuz318  just installed a FAST 102mm intake and TB.

2 weeks ago

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1993TransAm's Photo

1993TransAm  just posted pictures of the Beretta in his Gallery.

2 weeks ago

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Verk26's Photo

Verk26  Just had my fuel pump take a crap, now i have to decide whether to cut a hole in the sheet metal to access the fuel pump (96 Formula WS6) or drop the entire rear end to drop the tank and switch the pump...smh!

2 weeks ago

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Introductions and Staff Photos

Pontiac Firebird Enthusiasts, come in and introduce yourself, check out staff photos, or add your own photo.

  1. Staff Photos Past and Present
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Firebird Nation Tribune

FBN News And Announcements is where you will find all the latest information relating to FBN, its members, moderators, etc. This is an experimental concept for FBN, and we are going to have some transparency with what happens behind the scenes here on FBN.

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Forum for members who are financial supporters of FBN.

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Prospective Members

Want to learn more about the club? Have a comment for the club? If so, please post your questions and comments in this forum.

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Tech Articles, How To's, Diagnostic Articles, Etc.

Here you will find all the tech articles, how to's, diagnosis charts, etc, written & collected by our staff.

If you have a question or want advice, please post your question in the appropriate forum. Don't post it here.

  1. Calculators, Decoders and Resource Tools
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Pontiac Firebird Part Numbers and General Information

Part numbers, production numbers, RPO codes, etc.

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  2. Production Numbers
  3. General Car Info.
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General Engine (Non-Gen Specific)

For engine discussions which are not generation specific. If you have a generation specific topic, please use a gen specific forum.

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Performance Modifications

  1. Performance Modifications
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  1. Exhaust
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  1. Interior
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Automotive Audio

  1. Automotive Audio
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  1. Drivetrain
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All things V6

  1. All Things V6
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  1. Suspension
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  1. Electrical
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  1. ECM/PCM
  2. ECM/PCM Product Reviews
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Anything and everything related to automotive detailing.

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First Generation Pontiac Firebird (1967 - 1969)

1967 to 1969 Pontiac Firebird discussions here.

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Second Generation Pontiac Firebird (1970 - 1981)

1970 to 1981 Pontiac Firebird discussions here.

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Third Generation Pontiac Firebird (1982 - 1992)

1982- 1992 Pontiac Firebird related discussions here.

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Fourth Generation Pontiac Firebird (1993 - 2002)

1993 to 2002 Pontiac Firebird Firebird discussions here.

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Feel free to discuss whatever is on your mind here including Regional News and Meetings

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Site Issues, Bugs and Concerns

If you have any site issues, bugs or concerns you would like to report, please post here.

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MEMBERS ONLY! 18 and over ONLY. Enter at your own risk! This forum is a free expression of MANY ideas and topics. If you are easily offended, avoid this forum. You have been warned. No personal flames or illegal content of any kind allowed. NSFW!

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Car Of The Month Contest

Check out all of our Car Of The Month (COTM) Contests.

To enter your car in the contest, read the rules and post a topic in the Contest Entry Forum below.

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  2. Car of the Month - Archive
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Member Recognition

Member Recognition Forums.

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Videos and multi-media

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Here you will find all current and past polls

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Book, company, products, etc reviews

  1. Book Reviews
  2. Company Reviews
  3. Other Reviews
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Here is where you get to show off your car, share your daily repairs and mods, and keep a daily record of your life with your car.

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Chop Shop Garage

Signature requests, photo shop requests, etc, here.

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Automotive News

The latest automotive news from around the world.

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E & A Garage

At E & A's Garage we are passionate about automobile restoration. The manufacturers we represent are well known in the industry for producing top quality restoration parts. Our interior pieces are all made in the USA utilizing correct grain vinyl and leather materials in the original manufacturer colors. Our GM trim pieces are Officially Manufactured and Licensed Under the Gm Restoration Parts Program.

  • 343 Topics
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Phoenix Graphix

  • 5 Topics
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AMSOIL Synthetic Oil

AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil.

  • 3 Topics
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Need to customize or repair your Pontiac Firebird? Check out our selection of parts and accessories at, or give us a call at 800.505.3274 for professional advice.

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National Parts Depot

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Wins/Losses - Track Times - Legal Road Racing

Post all of your racing discussions here

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Time slips

Please use your new timeslip system to post your time slips and 1/4, 1/8, etc times and info. This forum will be deleted in a few days.

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Dyno Slips

Please post Dyno Slips in our Timeslip system. This forum will be deleted in a few days.

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Firebird Related Ebay Listings

Here you will find all the latest Firebird Related stuff from ebay. I figured it would be nice to see all the firebird ebay stuff in one location.

  1. 1st Gen Firebird 1967 - 1969 Ebay Parts Listings
  2. 2nd Gen Firebird 1970 - 1981 Ebay Parts Listings
  3. 3rd Gen Firbird 1982 - 1992 Ebay Parts Listings
  4. 4th Gen Firebird 1993 - 2002 Ebay Parts Listings
  5. Automotive Detailing and Car Care
  6. Tools
  7. Ebay Scams
  8. Miscellaneous Firebird Parts
  • 147,727 Topics
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Cars For Sale/Trade

Place all of your Car for sale ads here. Private listings only, no company listings (incuding ebay companies)!


IF you are having trouble posting in classifieds, READ THE NEW MEMBER FAQ!!!!!!!!!

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Car Parts for Sale or Trade

Place all of your car parts for sale or trade here. Private listings only, no company listings (incuding ebay companies)!


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Cars Wanted

Looking for a car? List what you are looking for in this forum.

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Parts Wanted

Looking for a part? List what you are looking for in this forum.

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